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Setu project: work progressing well at Palk Bay? – tall claim by GOI

Setu project: work progressing well at Palk Bay? – tall claim by GOI

A new item has been added at the Sethusamudram website about Palk Bay dredging status. While dredging quantities have been shown only as of 10 Oct. 2007 and 17 Sept. 2007 for Palkbay/Palkstrait and North-of-Adam’s-Bridge respectively, the following report inserted claims to have achieved a depth of 10.73 m in April 2008. How come, it is only 10.73 m when the dredging contracts called for achieving a depth of 12 m ?

How can work progress well at Palk Bay when dredging has been stopped there as of 10 Oct. 2007 according to the very same website of Sethusamudram Corp. ? Something is rotten in the state of Denmark – this is a quote from Shakespeare to show that Setusamudram continues to be kaarasthaan.



Maritime London in association with the Institute of Chartered Ship Brokers (Madras Branch) organized a seminar at Chennai on 14.04.2008 on the topic “Realizing Maritime India’s Growth Potential“. During the course of interaction with the press after the Seminar, Shri K. Suresh, I.A.S., Chairman, Chennai port Trust who is also holding additional charge as Chairman Cum Managing Director, Sethusamudram Corporation Limited spoke at length on the project. He explained that the Sethu Project which would provide a direct link between the east and west coast of the country without circumnavigating Srilanka envisages a channel of 300 M width and 12 M depth for a total length of 167 km comprising three segments.

 Initial portion in the Palk Bay of length 54 km in which dredging was in progress.
 A further length of 78 km where dredging was not required due to available depths in excess of 12 M.
 Adam’s Bridge portion of length 35 KM where dredging had been suspended since September 2007 due to the injunction of the Supreme Court.

Regarding the dredging operations in Palk Bay stretch, he mentioned that DCI engaged a survey launch m.v. TAURUS of M/s. Geo Star Surveys India Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai, for conducting a seabed survey from 04.04.08 to ascertain the depth of the channel in this 54 km stretch where at present six Trailing Suction Hopper Dredgers are at work viz.


The initial report for the stretch of 54 km above that as against the planned channel depth of – 12 mtrs Chart Datum and 300 m width, the depths are varying from – 10 mtrs to – 11 mtrs with an average of 10.73 mtrs for the initial 18 kms stretch. For the remaining 36 km of Palk Bay portion the depth varies from – 10.75 mtrs to – 11.30 mtrs from Chart Datum. This indicates that the dredging has been successfully carried out by DCI and the percentage in respect of depth achieved averages around 93%. Hence it will be possible for a vessel with 10M draft requirement to navigate from Chennai upto the coast of Rameswaram.

DMK to take agitational path for Sethu project

Chennai, June 02: Tamil Nadu Chief Minister and ruling DMK President M Karunanidhi today said the party would organise a massive agitation, even if it meant losing power, for the implementation of Sethusamudram Shipping Channel project (SSCP).
''We should all prepare for a massive agitation, whether it means being in power or losing power, to get the Sethusamudram project implemented,'' the DMK patriarch exhorted partymen, while addressing the party's General Council meeting here.
The DMK would announce the date and mode of agitation at an appropriate time, party sources said.
Mr Karunanidhi said gone were the days when Tamil Nadu was blessed with land and water resources. The State had lost its prosperity after neighbouring Kerala and Karnataka refused water to the State.
In this backdrop, only the SSCP would bring prosperity to Tamil Nadu, the DMK leader, who was intrumental in prevailing upon the Centre to implement the project, said.
In his anxiety to implement the project, he had even offered to name the project after Lord Ram as he thought the interest of Tamils were greater than the Lord.
A resolution adopted at the General Council, the highest policy making body of the party, also appealed to the Centre to implement the project, without any delay, respecting the sentiments of Mr Karunanidhi, who had offered to name the project after Lord Ram. –

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