Friday, April 25, 2008

CBI enquiry ordered on TR Baalu's Setu contracts?

CBI enquiry ordered on TR Baalu’s Setu contracts?

Saturday, April 26, 2008 (Dinamani Tamil daily)

Inquiry ordered by PM’s office? TR Baalu firms’ issue

It is expected that PM may be forced to explain on this issue in the Parliament

Our Special Correspondent

New Delhi, April 25:

It is learnt that PM’s office has asked CBI for an inquiry about commercial dealings of Union Minister for Shipping and Transport, TR Baalu and his family members.

In a situation when charges have been made that TR Baalu has abused his office to get gas allotments in the name of his sons, the ordering of an enquiry by PM’s Office gains importance.

Though TR Baalu has accepted in Parliament, that he used his office to ask for gas allotment for his sons’ firms, he also added that there was nothing wrong in doing so.

In the meanwhile, Rajya Sabha MP Maitreyan of AIADMK who raised questions on TR Baalu issue was asked to withdraw from the House. After a lapse of 19 years, this withdrawal of a member, was ordered in Rajya Sabha. Condemning the action of the Rajya Sabha chairman, BJP members observed a silent protest during the Question Hour.

It is expected that it may be necessary for PM to respond in a day or two in the Parliament on this subject.

To prepare himself for this contingency, PM has reportedly asked for specific enquiries by CBI.

Reliable sources state that four important enquiries have been posted for investigation.

1. Using a firm based in Andhra Pradesh as benami, for dredging operations in Setusamudram project, have contracts been given to TR Baalu’s family members? Have any members of TR Baalu’s family benefited from such benami contracts?
2. In Golden Quadrilateral Project, complaints have been made that low-level politicians are involved in illegalities in many states. What is the truth in these allegations?
3. To what extent have TR Baalu family-related concerns have benefited from ONGC? What special privileges and facilities and concessions have been provided by ONGC to these entities? Have there been any illegalities in these facilities provide by ONGC? Details should be gathered.
4. Large bank loans have been taken in the name of TR Baalu’s sons’ firms and have not been repaid; is this allegation based on fact? To prevent banks from initiating action to recover the dues, has any abuse of office occurred by TR Baalu’s attempted interventions? Are there cases pending in Bank loan recovery tribunals?

Reliable sources infom that the Prime Minister’s Office has asked for the above-mentioned details to be gathered by CBI at the earliest.

Saturday April 26 2008 00:00 IST (Dinamani)

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