Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Centre should take a clear cut stand on Rama Setu's sacredness for Hindus: SC told

Centre should take a clear cut stand on Rama Setu's sacredness for Hindus: SC told

PRESS RELEASE: April 15, 2008

The Supreme Court today permitted an adjournment of two weeks asked for by the Senior Counsel for the Union of India, Mr. F.S. Nariman because he wanted to file a comprehensive list of dates and a summary of all the reports filed by the Government. The next date of hearing is fixed for April 29, 2008.

Earlier, the main petitioner, former Union Law Minister, Dr. Subramanian Swamy told the Court that the Government had failed to file an affidavit on whether they consider Rama Setu as an ancient monument of national importance, and whether it is considered sacred by the Hindus. Dr. Swamy pointed out that since the Rama Setu is considered sacred by the people, hence it cannot be damaged in any way without committing a cognizable offence under Section 295 of the IPC. This the Supreme Court cannot sanction or permit. Therefore the Union government must take a clear cut stand for the people to know so that the Court can accordingly decide the matter.

Secretary to Dr. Subramanian Swamy

SC posts hearing on Sethusamudram project for April 29

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Tuesday posted for April 29 the hearing on the Centre's plea to go ahead with the Sethusamudram project.
The Centre had, on February 29, filed a fresh affidavit in the apex court seeking clearance to go ahead with the Sethusamudram project on the same alignment, saying issues of faith cannot be resolved through scientific evidence.
The 60-page affidavit cleared by the Cabinet Committee of Political Affairs (CCPA), which was chaired by the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, had said that the opposition to the project which started two years back was "misconceived" and "unsubstantiat ed" and the court should "refrain from interdicting".
The Centre had said that a committee of eminent persons appointed on October 5, 2007 re-examined the entire project, including the six possible alignments to conclude that the alignment No-6 (Rama Setu) was the "best alternative" and to alter channel ali gnment at this stage would be "infeasible" as it would lead to huge loses to the public exchequer.

"The alignment No-6 (Rama Setu) is backed by sound environmental, navigational, engineering and trans-boundary considerations. Therefore, the assertion that the alignment has been arbitrarily resorted to and other viable alternatives have been deliberat ely left out for malafide reasons is wrong and baseless," the affidavit said seeking vacation of apex court's interim orders directing not to damage the 'Rama Setu'. - PTI


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